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Gianluca Rocco: Life inside Greek refugee camps

December 8, 2021

The lecture provides first-hand information on migration situation in Greece which in recent years has proven to be one of the most difficult among European countries. It provides insights into living conditions of migrants and refugees in and outside of many Greek refugee camps and focuses on issues that unaccompanied children face in the country. The lecture explains in detail different types of assistance and services provided by international organisations and authorities on the ground and points out the importance of multilateral cooperation in migration management on the European soil. The lecture also highlights links between current displacement crisis in Afghanistan and potential impact on migration flows towards Greece.

This lecture was part of the 8th EMN Educational Seminar on Migration entitled "Migration in a Multilateral World". The Seminar is organised by the International Organization for Migration Slovakia as the coordinator of the Slovak EMN National Contact Point. This activity is funded by the European Union and co-funded by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic.

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